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Accessories and Utilities

In this area, there is the 3rd building that is composed of Gym, Sauna, steam bath and Laundry. This building is 5 meters width and 18 meters length. On the second floor there is a laundry which washes all the hotel linen like towels, bed sheets, bed cover etc.

In front of this building there is a big swimming pool which has 6 meter in width and 18 meter in length. It has also an area of children to swim with a Jacuzzi. Around this area there is beautiful garden. The total area of this building is 270 m2 out of which 108 m2 swimming pool. There is also Machine room for swimming pool and outside Toilets.

Restaurant and Parking

On the western side of the front of the Hotel i.e block 1 there is a modern Restaurant with a big kitchen lining area of 18 x 18 meters and on top of the restaurant there are accounting offices and a big balcony.

The administrative office of the Hotel Apartments are in the Eastern side of the block 1 with a total of 10 x 10 m2. The Abla Hotel Apartments has enough parking area for all the tenants of the hotel and their guest. This area has a roundabout of 9 x 9 meters and has a very nice garden.

Hotel Rates

On the daily rate, the apartment is fully equipped with everything including cutlery & cooking utensils, bed sheet, bed cover and towels. Electricity, cooking Gas is free . Changing of linen bed cover and towel is done daily. Washing machine is available at each apartment balcony with sun dryer frame.

On the monthly rate, the apartment is also fully equipped with everything only from first time check- in including cutlery & cooking utensils, one time supply of bed-sheet, bed cover and towels. The residents have to pay for the usage of Electricity as per apartment meter (buy TOKENS at Reception). In order to keep our Apartments in good standard we provide weekly for complimentary house keeping services including cleaning, changing linens, Towels and cleaning of Toilets with fumigation services and Air-freshener.


  • All guests will enjoy free Swimming pool, Sauna, steam bath and gym (Experience Guide available). Children should be accompanied by adults.
  • All apartments have free TV service. DSTV is available upon request on payment of only subscription charges.
  • Free Internet facility is available at public places.
  • Pool Timings: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM. However, 10:00 AM to 1:00 is reserved to ladies only except on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
  • Parking is available for 1 car for each apartment. Additional parking may be provided subject to availability.
  • If a tenant needs extra cleaning, the Hotel will charge TZS 10,000 for 1 bedroom apartment, TZS 15,000 for 2 bedrooms apartment, and TZS 20,000 for 3 bedrooms apartment.
  • Deposit of $100 should be paid (refundable) for any breakage of utensils for long stay guests.
  • Payment is accepted by Cash or Credit Card. Payment by personal Cheque needs to be approved by Management.
    Payment by Foreign Cheque is not acceptable.